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USDA Pecan Station Renovation

USDA Pecan Station Renovation Project:

  - Create additional office spaces from existing floorplan

     * Split three existing offices into six new spaces

     * Add electrical outlets to new walls 

     * Add conduit / outlets for LAN from new server room

     * One of the new spaces house new server room 

  - Upgraded conference room and add break area               * Solid cherry wood millwork (no particleboard)

     * Added plumbing and elect for sink / counter

     * ADA compliant sink / counter

  - Upgrade entire HVAC system

     * Replaced outside condensers / Inside air handlers

     * Eliminated common return (add return to each room)

     * Fabricated platform for outside condensers (see pic)

  - Bring restrooms to ADA compliance

  - Modified existing 4X4 ceiling grid for 2X2 system

  - Replaced 4X4 tiles with new 2X2 panels

  - Replace florescent lighting w/ 2X2 LEDs

  - Add employee conference room / break room

  - New paint and floor base

  - Owner required old floors to remain for budgetary purposes, however, take a look at the photos.  Deep clean, strip, wax was all it needed to look like new.  We also saved owner $ by relocating a door and color matching and modifying existing ACT grid to accommodate new 2X2 panels. 

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