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Texas A&M University Haynes Engineering Building Renovation

Project Starts 17 May 2022

Texas A&M University Pearce Animal Pavilion Restroom ADA Upgrade

Pearce Animal Pavilion Renovation Project:

  - Renovate existing men's and women's restrooms to meet ADA compliance to include updating exterior drinking fountains

     * Demo / replace existing partitions

     * Demo / replace existing water fountains

     * Demo / replace exhaust system

     * Remove a water closet in each restroom to expand           stalls to be wheelchair accessible

     * lower one lavatory to ADA height requirements

     * Retain all old water closets 

     * Retain all old lavatories

     * Remove/replace all mirrors and wall fixtures

     * Repair all masonry where required from renovation

     * Ensure restrooms ADA compliant

  - Replace ACT

     * Replace ceiling grid to accommodate 2X2 panels           * Retain/refurbish/reuse existing 2X4 lighting 

  - New paint and floor base

  - Owner required old concrete floors to remain as is with no covering for budgetary purposes.  We did perform a deep cleaning and sealant.   



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